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Walking Dinner

Waking Dinner, a night out where you will visit three different restaurants and discover a city in a unique way. It is definitely a great night out. A Walking Dinner is the perfect opportunity for tourists to view the highlights of a city while enjoying a delicious 3-course dinner. For locals it is ideal to have a new diner experience in their own city. Finally, Walking Dinner is perfect for corporate dinners as well. During a Walking Dinner, the interaction between the employees is way bigger than compared to a regular dinner. At every restaurant there’ll be a new seating and during the walks there’s also more interaction between colleagues. Walking Dinner is the ultimate experience for everyone, and is already available in more than 50 cities in Europe!

A Walking Dinner evening

During a Walking Dinner you will enjoy a starter, main course and a dessert. You will start at the first restaurant with a delicious starter. Then you will discover the city with a fun and attractive city walk of approximately 30 minutes. You will walk along the best hotspots this city has to offer. Then you will arrive at the second restaurant, where a lovely main course will be served. After you enjoyed the main course, a second city walk follows, also of approximately 30 minutes. You will walk along the highlights and ‘hidden gems’ of the city to the dessert restaurant.

At all the restaurants one consumption is included (choice between beer, soda or wine). In addition, all restaurants have been selected carefully and score at least 4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor. Finally, there’s a choice between a meat, fish or vegetarian dish for both the starter and the main course. For the dessert there’s a choice of at least two different desserts.

It’s Walking Dinner’s mission to offer a unique new way of dining whilst in the meantime discovering a city. Walking Dinner has the expertise in setting up the most beautiful city walks. Walking Dinner only cooperates with carefully selected restaurants that offer a great price-quality level. In this way we can offer you a great, culinary and innovative night out for a great value for money.

Walking Dinner:

• Dining at three restaurants (starter, main course, dessert)
• City walk of approximately 2 kilometers (2 x half an hour)
• Discover the highlights of a city
• Possibilities to customize (e.g. booking a city guide, presentation room etc.)
• Great value for money
• Dietary requirements are taken into account
• A great night out!

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