• London Eye
    London Eye

  • National Theatre
    National Theatre

  • Blackfriars Station Bridge
    Blackfriars Station Bridge

  • Gabriel's Wharf
    Gabriel's Wharf

  • South Bank Lion
    South Bank Lion

  • County Hall
    County Hall

  • Westminster Bridge
    Westminster Bridge

  • Golden Jubilee Bridges
    Golden Jubilee Bridges

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  • Three course meal served in three great restaurants
  • 30 to 60 minute self-guided walk between courses
  • A glass of wine (or other drink) is included with every course
  • Route map and description highlighting the sights
69,95 per person
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London’s South Bank is home to great national centres for art and culture, a vibrant and growing community and some of the city’s finest achievements in architecture, such as the National Theatre and London Eye. Throughout its history, South Bank has endured fire, flood, slum clearance, railway demolition, devastating bombing, and the ebb and flow of investment and industry. Consequently, the area is peppered with unique examples of architecture and hidden mementoes from the past that are waiting to be explored. On your Walking Dinner experience, you will go on a journey of discovery, into the heart and the history of South Bank.

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Brasserie Joel

Brasserie Joel

Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc

Omnino St Paul's

Omnino St Paul's

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