• Basilica of Saint Servatius
    Basilica of Saint Servatius

  • Canal View
    Canal View

  • Central Square
    Central Square

  • City Hall
    City Hall

  • Dinghuis Building
    Dinghuis Building

  • River de Maas
    River de Maas

  • St. Servatius Bridge
    St. Servatius Bridge

  • Street View
    Street View



  • Beautiful self-guided walk between courses
  • Three course meal served in three great restaurants
  • Choice of at least two dishes at every course
  • A glass of wine (or beer/soda) is included with every course
  • Route map and description highlighting the sights
56,95 per person
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Practical information

In the period until December 18, the restaurants may be open until only 5:00 pm. If you would like to take part of a Walking Dinner in the afternoon, please send an email to info@walkingdinner.com so we can check availability at the restaurants.

Please note
At all restaurants, you will be required to present a negative test certificate, a recovery certificate or a vaccination certificate. In order to ensure a smooth process, we ask that you print these out or have them ready with your proof of identity.

You must at all times comply with the guidelines of the restaurants which are in conformity with the guidelines of the Dutch government.

Maastricht, capital city of the province Limburg, has over 120,000 inhabitants and is a real tourist city. Yearly it attracts over 3 million tourists to the city. Explore the canals, walk through the inner city and eat one of Limburg’s famous pies. Or maybe have a look inside the Saint Peter’s Church or visit the limestone mines, Maastricht has a lot to offer.

The city is located in the southeast of the Netherlands.  It is located on both sides of the Meuse River, and is one of the oldest cities in the region, and is rich in history and cultural importance.

Historical Significance

While many may not have heard of Maastricht, most have heard of the European Union.  This union developed as the result of the Maastricht treaty which was signed in this city in 1992.  From this treaty resulted three things:

  • The Forming of the European Union
  • A European Citizenship
  • The European Currency, Call the Euro
What’s In a Name

The name of the city is actually derived from the Latin and essentially means “crossing at the Meuse” in reference to the bridge that was built by the Romans during the 1st century AD, during the reign of Claudius Caesar. Today a bridge still connects the two parts of the city on either side of the river.

There is some dispute as to whether it is indeed the oldest city in the Netherlands, but many ancient Roman maps clearly show that if not the oldest, it is certainly one of the most ancient.

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Pieke Potloed

Pieke Potloed

Restaurant Bokes

Restaurant Bokes

Eetcafé Minckelers

Eetcafé Minckelers

Booking information

Once you have booked your Walking Dinner Tour, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 5 minutes. This has your  booking reference which is your reservation number at each of the three restaurants.

The following information can be found in the confirmation email:
Order number
Route description
Estimated time schedule
Information about the starting point
Information about the highlights

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